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FillerUp provides a quick and easy way for you to monitor your vehicle's fuel economy. FillerUp shows you the most important data on one screen as well as allows you to quickly add new fill-ups. You can swipe across the screen to navigate between multiple vehicles.

Feeling the need to brag about your MPG from your last fill up? Tweet it from inside the app.

FillerUp allows you to configure your vehicle to track your fuel economy using MPG (US), MPG (UK), L/100km or km/L.

Filler up also shows detailed statistics and graphs so you can monitor your fuel economy over time.

  • Track any number of vehicles of any make or model
  • Calculate fuel economy using MPG (US), MPG (UK), L/100km or km/L
  • Tweet your latest fill-up to your followers
  • View graphs of total MPG, cost per gallon and total cost
  • View detailed statistics of your fill up history
  • Export your data in a tab-delimited file that can be opened in most spreadsheet programs
Change Log

Version: 1.0.1

  • Fixed makes and models for Subaru

Version: 1.0

  • Initial Release