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Easy Service Reminders
For Your Vehicles
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Check the Oil helps you maintain the best performance and reliability of your vehicle by reminding you when to service your vehicle. You can easily set up maintenance records and keep track of your service history through the simple and uncluttered interface.

Check the Oil allows you to review your reminders and quickly identify what services are almost due with color-coded values. Reminders can be configured based on mileage, days, or months. You can completely configure reminders with new service types or have Check the Oil create them for you.

Once a reminder has been flagged as completed, you can quickly create a new service record related to the service you just had completed on your vehicle. You can also view a complete history of completed reminders and service records.

  • Full support for retina devices
  • Track any number of vehicles by make and model
  • Automatically creates a set of basic service reminders for new vehicles
  • Create custom service items for reminders or service records
  • Alerts can be configured to remind you daily, weekly or monthly
  • Support for miles (U.S. and U.K.) and kilometers
  • Export your data to a tab-delimited format that can be opened in any spreadsheet application
Change Log

Version: 1.0

  • Initial Release